Products & Pricing

  • Do you have low alcohol wine and beer?

    Yes we do! Here are some links to check out - For low alcohol go here. And for no alcohol go here. And if you'd like to look more into conscious consumer efforts go here.
  • Do you have organic or vegan drinks?

    Yes we do! Here are the links - For vegan products go here. For organic products go here. And if you'd like to look more into conscious consumer efforts go here.
  • Is GST included in the advertised sale price?

    Yes, all prices advertised include GST as required by New Zealand law. When you check-out you will see the GST component of the order separated out so it's clear how much tax is included in your order. You only pay the advertised price which includes GST.
  • I've received a product past or close to its 'Best Before' date. Why?

    We sometimes advertise short-dated beer and soft-drinks. These are clearly identified on the product page and in the product title. The title of the product will contain the BB date. These short-dated products are perfectly good to drink and are covered by our standard 100% guarantee, so if you a...
  • What does the RRP price refer to?

    RRP is the recommended retail price. This is set for each product by the brand, distributor or supplier.
  • You don't carry my favourite tipple! Can you get some for me?

    If you’d like to see a particular brand or product on the site, we’d love to hear your suggestions! Whether this is for a one-off event or ongoing supply we'll do some research and see what we can find. Feel free to email us your thoughts at Paul and the Wine Central team...